Oh me oh my, this place was just incredible. I’d been here once before as a child with my Dad and sisters as we chugged our way along the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway much to my Father’s delight as a firm lover of steam engines and trains.

As an adult, it only gets better. This is the true wilderness of Kent. Gorgeously bleak but with injections of colour from the yellow in the plants I have now forgotten the name of and from the sporadically placed homes and boats. It’s truly one for the books.

Lots of murder drama TV programmes and music videos have been filmed here because of its uniqueness.

It was a dream, and I shall stop singing its praises now and let you enjoy it for yourselves.

P.S. We ate at The Pilot Inn and I had the best vegan stew with ‘dumplings’ and the banoffee pie was incredible (The rest of the menu is equally as awesome)! The staff were super friendly and let us park in their car park all day so we could wander about.

All photos taken with Canon 5D Mark III and 17-40mm lens.



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