Back in the garden of England for the Easter break and what a treat it has been already. From the countryside to the coast, I have captured my little adventures so far and wanted to share with you all.

We went to Lenham on Friday which has the nearest shops to my parent’s house in the afternoon ventured to Leeds Castle, which is not the Leeds further up in the country! On Saturday the adventures continued to the infamous Margate and Broadstairs. We sat down to lunch at The Greedy Cow, only for Paul Hollywood, baker extraordinaire to come out after having lunch there too! We obviously have good taste. Easter Sunday called for church in Faversham where I quickly snapped up some of the local buildings nearby and then in the afternoon, venturing out into the woods by my parent’s house to soak up the bluebells and fresh air. We stumbled upon the cutest little nest with 4 eggs in it, most probably a robin according to my Mother.

Kent is such a treasure trove of beautiful places, and I can’t wait for more adventures this week 🙂

All photos taken on iPhone 6 and edited with VSCO cam and A6 filter (and 1 HB2 too!).



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