New York as told by my phone

The phone camera. One of the most underestimated photography friends and one of my most loyal. This tiny camera packs a punch when it needs to and is the camera that is always by your side. So get your phone out, capture those fleeting moments and then be on your merry way.

All these photos were taken with the iPhone 6 camera using VSCO cam to edit. My favourite filters are HB1 and HB2. Sidenote: Don’t be afraid to use filters, I went through a phase of not using them because ‘someone’ might tell me it’s not real photography or it’s masking the true photo. Screw them, do what you want, this is your art. Have fun, break the rules.


P.S. Excuse the inordinate amount of food photos, this was my first time in the US. FYI corn dogs are amazeballs.

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