Rochers De Naye (Sony a6000 Review)

Tried out a new camera friend, the Sony a6000 and I’m really impressed with the results. I wanted to find a travel camera that produced great quality photos without having to carry round the bulk of a DSLR. After a huge amount of research the main contender seemed to be this piece of tech.

Importantly for me you can shoot in RAW format (I love a good edit), it has interchangeable lenses and it of course produces photos with amazing clarity and colour. It is equally on par, if not better than my Canon 600d DSLR. The only downside was its limited capacity to take clear photos at night, that or I need to scratch up on my night photography skills (and invest in a tripod)! It has an APS-C sensor which is the same as the 600d and with the included 16-50mm kit lens, I was able to cover all types of scenery and close ups too. It is such a versatile little piece of equipment and I can’t wait to take it on another trip.

Tested it on a weekend away to see the sister who very conveniently lives in Switzerland… Enjoy. LB

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