The good thing about living in Kent, the seaside is always (pretty) nearby! Last Sunday called for the closing of my birthday celebrations by sauntering down to Sandgate. This area seems to be unknown to most and is usually frequented by dog walkers and the occasional runner. On a good day you can see France which is an added sentiment.

The sister and I did our usual jaunt along the coastal path and soaked up the sea air. How does sea air always make you feel so much better? It refreshes my soul and always manages to inject energy back into me! We went to the best café called Loaf. They do breakfast all day and the vegetarian selection is incredible, it took me a considerable amount of time to decide which is a rarity nowadays when the usual option is cheese or falafel. The homemade lemonade is amazing and the ice cubes had slices of lemon in them?! It’s the little things!

Sandgate has even more eateries I’d like to try and has some cool looking antique shops that have always been closed when we’ve gone but I will go back soon no doubt. So if you fancy a quieter walk by the sea, head south of Folkestone and enjoy this cute little corner of the Kentish coast.

All photos taken with Canon 5D Mark III and 35mm f/2 lens. Edited in Lightroom with the NateCam presets.




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